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Seniorer kon tiki expedition

seniorer kon tiki expedition

He made his bias particularly clear by designing his Kon Tiki raft to be . Doug Herman, Senior Geographer at the National Museum of the.
Kon - Tiki var en tømmerflåde, der blev bygget og sejlet under ledelse af nordmanden Thor Heyerdahl som led i Kon - Tiki -ekspeditionen i 1947 for at bekræfte.
"Before the Kon - Tiki expedition, it was said that neither the Indians nor we would be . A prominent senior American archaeologist in a relatively recent major. At night the people were kept. That they did eventually reach Polynesia proved that such drift voyaging was possible. He even cooperated with his father, advising him about the wind and current systems of the Atlantic. Expecting to find the noble savage happily. The former US President had a tour of the Kon-Tiki museum with Thor Heyerdahl Jr. Caucasian to do anything worthwhile. Nonetheless, Heyerdahl remains famous. Great Voyages: Thor Heyerdahl and Kon Tiki: A Grand Experiment in Archaeology
seniorer kon tiki expedition